9 years and 2019

If you’d told me that SIN BIN was going to turn into more than just a hobby 9 years ago, I’m pretty sure past me would have laughed and said “maybe”. Looking back at how SIN BIN became what it is now amazes me.

Models: Sipho | Carla
Photography: Morphing ink

It hasn’t been easy. Sometimes things didn’t work out and other times SIN BIN’s shown leaps of growth. Each year brings new challenges. The business has grown bigger and smaller along the way as if it were playing in Wonderland. It certainly has let me meet a variety of interesting individuals.

In 2019, SIN BIN is stepping through the Looking Glass for a while. I’m taking time to focus on myself as the creator of SIN BIN so I can build up my creative drive and up my skills. 2018’s biggest challenge has been feeling the signs of burnout.

So maybe this has you worried? Fear not! SIN BIN is not disappearing into the abyss. I’m just taking some of the energy I put into SIN BIN and investing it elsewhere. This does mean many changes are coming in 2019 that are hopefully not only good for the business but also for the people that help keep SIN BIN up and running.

Change on the horizon: more drawing, fewer conventions and only SIN BIN product commissions

If you stalk SIN BIN you would’ve noticed change was in the air for a while now. We successfully launched the Whisker Critters which are kawaii (AF) creatures conveying messages. They’ve been described as Spirit Animals and that is cool. I’m thrilled that the illustrations have been so well received.

Whisker Critters
Halloween Collection 2018

Diving into drawing this year has really helped spark the creative juices again. As well as providing new products, it’s also helped me to look at current products and reimagine them. If you dropped in at our recent End Year Stall you’ve already gotten a sneak preview. I enjoyed your great feedback. Don’t fret, all new products will be up on the website soon!

This year SIN BIN attended fewer conventions and events. It wasn’t easy to decide to do this, but it does mean that more products were taken to a convention and that I got to enjoy conventions too. So on that note, next year we are ONLY attending FanCon (Cape Town) and Comic Con Africa (JHB). Be sure to make a note to come visit the stall if you’re attending either of those events. If you miss seeing us in person, you can drool over our goodies online.

Taking on fewer cosplay commissions has saved my sanity this year. Since I see a very busy year ahead, SIN BIN won’t be taking on any cosplay commissions in 2019. SIN BIN will still do product based commissions and clothing commissions. More information on these types of commissions will be released in January 2019.

There are a bunch of interesting projects on the horizon and they will be announced soon so be sure to keep an eye out on my social platforms for updates.

Facebook: @sinbin.tm

Instagram: @sinbin.tm

Support small businesses

If you are still reading this at this point, THANK YOU. Small businesses only thrive with the support of their customers and fans. We appreciate every review we get, every share made about our business, the valuable feedback after a product has been brought, and being tagged on products you brought or on things we have made for you. All this helps a business grow within a community. So thank you for taking the time for doing any of those things. You have made it possible for SIN BIN to keep moving forward in creating new and exciting things.

#SupportLocal #SupoortSmallBusinesses

Ears in the air

Now that I have given you an Earful of information, HAPPY EAR FRIDAY and here is to celebrating 9 years of SIN BIN and taking over the world with Ears! To all those that took part in #EarFriday this year, thank you. We will be approaching it differently in 2019 so keep an ear out for that announcement.

We posted on June 15 2018 that we had made 3501 ears since the founding of SIN BIN in 2009. To date we are now at 3599 so here’s to the #EarRevolution!


Cynthia Brown
Creator of SIN BIN

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