There’s nothing we enjoy more at SIN BIN than getting out and about and meeting our friends and fans, and anyone else who lives life on their own terms. If you believe that being fabulous and slightly insane are not mutually exclusive, then we should meet. Who knows what our creativity could spark next?

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Whisker Critters

Happy New Year! They say that the internet belongs to cats (at least those that can play the piano) and if you were to pop into the SIN BIN studio at the moment, you could be forgiven for thinking that they’ve taken over here, too.

Of course, there are our real cats (Workshop cats: Sage, Mayhem and Chaos) who occasionally deign to treat visitors with affection rather than disdain, but there are also the Whisker Critters.

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SIN BIN turns 5

It still feels like yesterday that I was making my first pair of ears for a convention. How it ever spiraled into a 5 year passion of blood, sweat and tears is still beyond me. I can only think it is thanks to the individuals around me that encouraged and inspired me to keep moving forward. Your support as a partner, friend, fan, client, follower has gotten SIN BIN this far. I can only hope that SIN BIN continues to grow in this creative journey. ~ Cyn

Model: Stephen Friedman
Photographer: Kaleem Rorke
Make up: Masquerade Artistry
Outfit and accessories: SIN BIN: Graphic and Fashion Design