Ear Friday! A celebration

Ear Friday, a celebration of quirkiness in day-to-day life. But where did it all begin? How is it evolving? And how many of us have by now a “collection” of ears?

I myself sport a small collection of 2. Which is quite surprising but I’m pretty sure this is due to selling mine when stock was low at conventions and never got around to replacing them. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Welcome to SIN BIN’s first blog of 2018, and it is kicking off a celebration of Ears.

Ear Revolution, Ear Friday
UPCON 2010. Pair of SIN BIN ears on nose of Mirage F1


Origin Story: Where Ear Friday began

Did you know that SIN BIN started with Ears? Back before I knew that this would turn into a business I worked in corporate. They celebrated “Fun Friday” at work (within reason, you still had to wear a suit). So I started making ears to wear every Friday. They were easy to take off if I had to go to a meeting, fun to wear and made for some weird conversation around the water cooler. Slowly I started selling my creations to co-workers and random people that asked me where I got my ears when I did my lunch walks around Rosebank. And so Hand Made Ears were born.

A year later I changed the name to SIN BIN, as I started making other products and commissions that were not ears. Another year later I quit my corporate job. Most scariest thing I have EVER done. Well maybe besides asking my partner to be my forever human. But that is a story for another time.

So you see Ear Friday has been a thing for me for 8 years now, and I am constantly surprised to see the demand of ears has not died. So let us celebrate this Ear Revolution!


The plan

SIN BIN has some exciting plans for 2018, one of the things is making Ear Friday a Thing. Even though there are some awesome people that do it without having to ask. Please know I love you for sharing SIN BIN and Ear love. I’m trying to build a SIN BIN community.

  • I would be honoured if you could share a photo of yourself on a Friday wearing a pair of ears. Using the following hashtags:




  • If you could tag SIN BIN that would be awesome too:

Facebook: @sinbin.tm

Instagram: @sinbin.tm

  • I will then be able to find your photo. This is important as it will be re-posted on the last Friday of the month for Ear Friday Slide Show.
  • Please note that if you do not want to do this, THAT IS FINE. I still appreciate you for supporting my business and you are awesome!
  • If you are part taking but don’t want me to tag you in the re-share (because reasons), PLEASE LET ME KNOW.

Don’t have enough ears to part take in this? No worries, there are other campaigns that are kicking off. Be sure to subscribe to our blog or follow us on Facebook for up coming campaigns.

So tell me, how big is your collection of SIN BIN ears? Leave a comment below. I would love to know. Need more for your collection? Check out these Ear designs.

Until next time, have an Eartastic weekend (I am so sorry, but it seemed SO RIGHT!)

Cynthia Brown
Creator of SIN BIN

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