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Halloween Collection by Sin Bin

Hello October! Halloween Collection

“I am so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers.” ~ L.M Montgomery

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when broomsticks fly and ghosts and ghouls come out to play. This year, thanks to SIN BIN, you can dress just like them – or even outdress them (but don’t upset them!). 

Of course, here in South Africa, Halloween falls during summer, and that’s the inspiration behind our 2020 Halloween Collection. Whereas in much of the rest of the world Halloween is decked out in sombre shades, we’ve been inspired by the colours of the SIN BIN garden.

Looking out of my studio window, I’ve been watching the ancient, gnarled vines of the wisteria gradually unfurl into new life: green shoots and purple petals that last until the first summer rain washes them away. That’s why you’ll find these colours represented so strongly amongst our spooky creations this October. 

Speaking of green, we’ve always been big on recycling and repurposing here at SIN BIN – we believe that everything deserves a second chance, and that creativity and imagination can breathe new life into objects that have been loved before. That’s why we’ve used materials we already had, to make pieces for this new Halloween collection and give you the chance to enjoy them. 

During lockdown, I had a chance to think about where I see myself going as an artist, and to bring to fruition ideas that I’ve been toying with for months or even years. Some say there’s a fine line between being an artist and being a hoarder; it’s a line I’ve been dancing along since forever.  

A little like a cute version of Frankenstein’s monster, I’ve combined these scraps of memory and half-forgotten fragments into the SIN BIN Halloween collection. Lockdown was also a time to reach out to fellow creative spirits (albeit virtually) and combine ideas – you can see the results of our collaboration with Bites Cosplay, who supplied the awesome UV and normal resin horns, and cat ears.  

This new way of creating accessories and artworks means that inevitably, many of these new pieces are either made to order or limited to just 1 or 2 pieces. 

The SIN BIN Halloween collection features reimagined classics (all in my new favourite shades of lilac and green) including antlers and raven crowns, as well as jeweled dahlias offset on beaded headbands. 

At the same time, SIN BIN has changed with the times – we’ve always loved playing with identity and transformation, and our range of masks will keep you safe not just from viruses, but from blending in with the crowd. After all, it’s important to be immune to the mundane, too. 

We’ve used the same fabric patterns on our new scatter cushions too – so whether you live in a dungeon, a cave or a crypt, you can pimp your pad with our Candy Bat, Hocus Pocus, Zombie and Moth Candy colourways. 

They all go to prove that creativity is not dead! So why not stretch your furry velvet wings and flit around the Halloween Collection page on the new-look SIN BIN website – you’ll find it here

So, as our collective social life comes back from the dead this Halloween, shake the earth from your hair and accept our dare to be different in the latest SIN BIN looks.


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