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SIN BIN is an online emporium of the endearingly eccentric, operating out of Johannesburg, South Africa.

We’re determined to bring a little more insanity to life, but in the nicest possible way. If you enjoy expressing who you really are, you’ll love SIN BIN.

Sanity is overrated and the rat race is overpopulated. But there’s a parallel universe of pugs and prints, foxes and fauns where you’ll always be welcome. If you ever feel that you don’t quite fit in, then you definitely belong in the SIN BIN.

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SIN BIN sees normal life as a departure point for madcap adventures and expressive mayhem. We’re here to be your guide when you take a walk on the wild side.

Every family needs its eccentric individual. Be bold, be expressive, be you!

where enthusiasm and insanity meet


As an artist, Cynthia Mey (AKA Sin) has been imagining and making unique designs for years now. But her favourite creation is SIN BIN, the slightly insane and wonderfully imaginative studio she founded in 2009. 

Cynthia has always believed that creativity will find a way – after all, you can’t lock down a vivid imagination. As well as producing unique illustrations and eye-catching graphic design work, she has also launched her own range of fabric designs. So now you can literally wrap yourself in the kookiness that is SIN BIN.

The Artist

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