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Sugar Skull Cat WildHood


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    Sugar Skull Cat WildHood is the purrfect accessory that express bold colours that will turn heads. This WildHood comes in 3  fluffy fur options with a sugar skull printed cotton lining. Sugar Skull Cat WildHood is an easy on and off clothing accessory that is ideal for keeping the chill away without putting on too many layers. Wondering what a WildHood is, no, it’s not a dangerous part of town, but a combination of three of our favourite winter garments in one unique design. If a hoodie, a scarf and a pair of gloves had a lovechild in a log cabin in the woods, they’d make a WildHood.

    Product: Cat WildHood
    Size: One size
    Great for: Cosplay, themed parties, everyday wear, keeping warm, the expressive individual
    Materials: Artificial fur and printed cotton fabric
    Care: Washing machine friendly, do not iron

    Site orders take 2 – 3 days to process. For queries on custom WildHoods or the product please contact us.
    All furs used to create the WildHoods are artificial.

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