There’s nothing we enjoy more at SIN BIN than getting out and about and meeting our friends and fans, and anyone else who lives life on their own terms. If you believe that being fabulous and slightly insane are not mutually exclusive, then we should meet. Who knows what our creativity could spark next?

This year, we’ll be focusing on two of our favourite conventions, so be sure to visit our stalls at FanCon 2019 and Comic Con Africa.


FanCon 2019


For FanCon 2019, we’ll be at the Cape Town International Convention Centre from April 27th – 28th. You’ll find SIN BIN exhibiting and selling our unique creations in the Geek Merch Marketplace section – where else? We’re especially excited about this year’s event, as some of our favourite international comic book artists and cosplay heroines will be in attendance.

If you miss us in Cape Town (a great name for a city for superheroes, now that we think about it!), don’t despair – we’ll also be displaying our latest ears, goggles, trinkets and more in the Artists’ Alley at Comic Con Africa. This one is a bit closer to home for us, so make your way to the Gallagher Convention Centre between September 21st and 24th.


Comic Con Africa 2019


Whatever your interest in pop culture or fashion, this is a must-attend event. There’ll be so much going on, from professional gaming tournaments to cosplay competitions and celebrity panel discussions, you’ll be spoiled for choice. And that’s before you find the SIN BIN stall!

At each convention, we’ll be showcasing our latest creations – but if you like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram you’ll get to know before you go. We’ll be offering exclusive sneak peeks of the latest fruits of our fevered imaginations, so join our online family and keep your fingernails on the pulse of all that’s shiny and new in the SIN BIN world.

You can also check out the calendar on our events page where’ll post all the latest details of where you can find us, and other important happenings in the world of freakishly beautiful fashion accessories.

This is also the place to check out when we’ll next be accepting commissions for our awesome Whisker Critters range of spirit guide fashion and artwork.

Our favourite event of the year is perfectly timed for when you need the perfect Christmas gift or end of year party outfit or accessory. From November 18th to Friday 13th December, you can pop into the SIN BIN workshop at 55 2nd Street, Linden, for our legendary SIN BIN YEAR END STALL.


SIN BIN Year End 2019


If you haven’t been to one of these semi-mythical events, you’ve been living in the wrong world. Come and meet the creator of all things SIN BIN, Cynthia Brown, and take a tour of her weirdly wonderful world as you chat over ice team. The workshop cats may impose their affection on you; equally, they may ignore you. It depends on how they feel. One thing’s for sure – you shouldn’t ignore this once-a-year opportunity to view and buy the latest SIN BIN creations and artworks. Whether you believe cash is king or credit is magical, we’ll be able to accept your payment and make your seasonal shopping that much easier and fun.

You can park your flying carpet or Batmobile inside (limited space) or safely in the street outside. The workshop doors will be open from 9am to 4pm on weekdays, and from 9am until noon on Saturdays. On Sundays, we create! If you’re looking for something in particular, please feel free to call us in advance on 084 367 6256. If you’re looking for something a little different, you already know you’ve come to the right place.

Wearing a SIN BIN creation, or bumping into us at a convention, is always an event. So, whatever’s happening in your life in 2019, be sure to attend one of our happenings and see the world a little differently.

~ SIN BIN Team

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