SIN BIN Winter

If you’ve got the winter blues, it’s a sure sign that you don’t have enough SIN BIN winter range in your life. Take a quirkier, more creative approach to keeping warm this winter (and tell Jack Frost to get lost) with our new winter range of heart-warming (and ear- and finger-warming) SIN BIN clothing and accessories.

SIN BIN Beanies
Models: Brainard Earl Sison | Bianca Louw
Photography: Morphing ink

If you want to get ahead, get a hat. If you want to get stalked through the streets of Gotham City by the caped crusader, then get one of our Black Cat Beanies. Not only will its red tartan lining keep your human ears snug, but it also features two adorable pointy feline ears. The only unlucky black cats will be the ones who don’t have one of these!

If it’s an east wind that’s blowing no good, then our Red Panda Beanie will help prevent brain freeze (unless of course you try to be too cool and over-indulge in frozen yoghurt).

Each of our animal-inspired designs will help you stand out in the herd (after all, there’s only one of you in the zoo) and express your individual creativity as the mercury takes a dive. Our WildHoods are back by popular demand, only this year we have all-new designs to share with you.

We managed to break free (temporarily) from our dino-obsession and tried to think of critters we’d like to curl up with in front of the fire (which is where we wrote this blog, so please excuse us if it smells a little smoky).

SIN BIN WildHoods
Models: Brainard Earl Sison | Bianca Louw
Photography: Morphing ink

Sugar Skull Cats, GIR Dogs and Bears were obvious choices – they were all born to snuggle – and who could resist a cuddly Rainbow Panda as a fireside companion? Oh, if you’re wondering what a WildHood is, no, it’s not a dangerous part of town, but a combination of three of our favourite winter garments in one unique frostbite defying design. If a hoodie, a scarf and a pair of gloves had a lovechild in a log cabin in the woods, they’d make a WildHood.

Here at SIN BIN, we saved them the trouble, and now you can keep warm from the tips of your ears to the ends of your fingers with a WildHood. Each WildHood features a patterned lining for added ear appeal (think tartan, skulls and stars).

SIN BIN Winter Clothing
Models: Brainard Earl Sison | Bianca Louw
Photography: Morphing ink

If you’re in need of central heating, check out our Highland Cat Hooded Vest with pouch pockets for your little paws, a full-length zip and a figure-hugging cut to keep you toasty. Or for the ultimate cold-weather SIN BIN winter experience, go all out and choose one of our Hoodies. Our Red Panda Hoodie comes complete with a clear and frosty night sky-patterned lining – pop it on and there’ll be one more star inside! So there’s no need to feel bleak about mid-winter (or any other time that a chill wind blows).

Unlike winter, our SIN BIN Infinity Scarves go on forever (well almost) – if in doubt, throw another loop around your throat and that’s a wrap! View the entire SIN BIN Winter range and ensure you never get frozen out again.

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