Whisker Critters

Happy New Year! They say that the internet belongs to cats (at least those that can play the piano) and if you were to pop into the SIN BIN studio at the moment, you could be forgiven for thinking that they’ve taken over here, too.

Of course, there are our real cats (Workshop cats: Sage, Mayhem and Chaos) who occasionally deign to treat visitors with affection rather than disdain, but there are also the Whisker Critters.

Whisker Critters by SIN BIN

A Creative Journey through ink

Whisker Critters are the love kittens of a decision I made towards the end of last year, to invest more time in myself and reboot my creativity. By spending more time drawing, I was spilling more ink than sweat, and learning to love the creative process all over again. I began with cats, but now the gang has expanded to include lots of other kinds of critters.

Series 1 featured cats (and a random dog), some of them in fun seasonal settings. Drawing the Whisker Critters brought me peace and happiness at the end of a hectic year, even if the cat on the “Merry No” design looks a little, well, grumpy.

Whisker Critters by SIN BIN: Christmas Series 2018 ~ Merry No & Happy Holidays


The response was so positive that I’m now working on Series 2 which will focus on rabbits (with maybe a fox thrown into the mix to keep things interesting) …

You can find adorable Whisker Critters on greetings cards and gift tags (coming soon), stickers, prints and canvases. If you’d prefer a Whisker Critter on your chest, you can order one of our T-shirt designs – the holiday designs have already sold out, but I’m taking pre-orders for the Series 1 designs. Whisker Critters will also be rubbing against the legs of strangers – and sitting on laps – at these great events during 2019: FanCon 2019, Comic Con Africa 2019, at our Workshop Year End Stall, or online.

Picking up my pen and drawing again has left me feeling refreshed and more creative than ever, so you can expect to see a lot more designs added to this range over the first few months of 2019. As well as the undeniable cuteness of these “funimals” – drawn in irresistible Japanese kawaii style – they each have something to say.

The meaningful message that each Whisker Critter conveys has led to some people describing them as spirit animals – that is, a non-human companion that guides and protects us on our journey through life. Buying a Whisker Critters T-shirt is about more than giving in to cuteness; it’s a chance to acquire a guide or mentor in feline form.

The first series of Whisker Critter designs are available as stickers, mini prints (15 x 15cm) and mini canvases (15 x 15cm). I still have some prints and canvases (both 18cm x 18cm) of 2018’s limited edition holiday range available – choose from the Christmas designs mentioned above or for something with a little more bite, the slightly scary Night Bites and Guía Espiritual Halloween designs.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there’s never been a better time to fall in love with the Eternal Whisker Critter – also available as stickers and prints in three variations.

Whisker Critters by SIN BIN: Valentine Series 2019 ~ Eternal


You’ll soon also be able to find your favourite Whisker Critters on Redbubble. Whisker Critters secretly do care what people think about them and love to be admired, so let us know which are your favourites and you could soon see them on a T-shirt or other merchandise near you.

Whisker Commissions

If you’d like your very own Whisker Critter – one that no-one else will ever have – you can also commission a design. Let me immortalise your fur baby or spirit animal (cat, dog, ferret or honey badger, we don’t discriminate at SIN BIN) for you in true SIN BIN kawaii style.

I’ll be offering four commission slots every second month, beginning in March 2019. With three options to choose from, you’ll be spoiled for choice (although possibly not as spoiled as your pet):

Option 1: R300
Digital artwork (18 x 18 cm)

Option 2: R350
Digital artwork and print (18 x 18 cm)

Option 3: R500
Digital artwork and canvas (18 x 18cm

Whichever option you choose, you’re about to embark on a whole new adventure with a SIN BIN Whisker Critter as your guide!


Cynthia Brown
Creator of SIN BIN

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