SIN BIN is an online emporium of the endearingly eccentric, operating out of Johannesburg, South Africa. We’re determined to bring a little more insanity to life, but in the nicest possible way. If you enjoy expressing who you really are, you’ll love SIN BIN.

Chicken Mummy Artwork By SIN BIN
Vixen Ears by SIN BIN
Cynthia Mey
Attention to Details


Most of Sin’s Collection is handmade, making each item unique in its own way. Some items are MADE TO ORDER; therefore, products will take some time to make. Waiting is worth it when there is time to pay attention to details that make owning a SIN BIN item a treasure in anyone’s collection!

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Handmade Cat Ears

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

Pablo Picasso

Handmade things tend to be so expensive that only a small part of the population can afford them. And yet making things with hands is such an essential part of being human.

Jessica Stockholder
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That is created to be beautiful or to express an important idea or feeling through traditional or digital media.

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Is a cloth / fabric made by knitting, weaving or crocheting fibers together. You're probably wearing a textile right now!

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Made by hand or by a hand process. No one item will be the same and will differ slightly making it a unique piece.

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Parcels are packed with care and love with a dash of M.S.G. (MASSIVE SIN GOODNESS).

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